Juicing is really good for you and here's why!

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I do not think you will find any disagreement with this statement - "Fruits and Vegetables are Good for you!"

How do you get the vitamins and nutrients that are in the fruits and vegetables into your system. Obviously, we need to consume them and here comes the question - "What way is the best way to consume them?"

Well, eating them raw is one of the best - for sure. But, there are many vegetables that do not eat raw very well. Like beets for example. They are very hard and difficult to cut with a sharp knife - let alone bite off and chew.

But, you say, we don't have to eat them raw - we can cook them and prepare them so that they are easy to eat. And, that is true! However, cooking means the freshness is lost and so are many of the nutrients. In an article published online by "Healthline"(1) they state that "Cooking food can improve its taste, but it also changes the nutritional content."

You see, all the food we consume is broken down, by enzymes, into molecules that can be absorbed by the body. And enzymes are sensitive to heat and they 'deactivate' during the cooking process which obviously exposes them to high temperatures. So, it makes sense that if the enzymes are less effective, then the intended result of the work that enzymes do - is also less effective and the food is less effectively absorbed.

Another thing we need to consider is what happens to water-soluble vitamins during the cooking process. Vitamins such as 'C' and 'B' are very easily leeched out during cooking. The same article from "Healthline"(2) I mention below also mentions that - "Properly cooking grains and legumes not only improves their digestibility, but it also reduces the number of anti-nutrients they contain. Anti-nutrients are compounds that inhibit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients in plant foods."

Here is where we can see the value of juicing. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables produces a liquid that "contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants naturally present in the whole fruit or vegetable."(3) There just isn't any of the destruction we talked about above in the juicing process, and getting all the vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables is surely what we want for our family!

Juicing is an easy way to obtain a lot of nutrients!

Happy Woman starting to juice

Many people don’t obtain enough nutrients from their diet alone.

Nutrient levels in the foods you eat are also much lower than they used to be.

This is largely due to processing methods and the time it takes to get produce from the field to the supermarket.

Polluted environments and high stress levels can also increase your requirements for certain nutrients.

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant compounds that may protect against disease.

If you find it difficult to get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables into your diet each day, juicing can be a convenient way to increase your intake.

One study found that supplementing with mixed fruit and vegetable juice over 14 weeks improved participants’ nutrient levels of beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and folate.

Furthermore, a review of 22 studies found that drinking juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables or blended powder concentrate improved folate and antioxidant levels, including beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E.(4)

Juice in addition to eating healthy!

Look - we sell juicers at "Juicers For Your Home" and we think there are many, many benefits you will receive through juicing. We do not think juicing will ever replace good healthy eating, but juicing is an excellent way to SUPPLEMENT healthy eating!

And, there are two things in addition to the benefits of good health that are available by juicing regularly - and they are:

1. There is no way you can consume as many fruits and vegetables by eating as you can by juicing!

2. Juicing will be a much easier way to get nutritious vegetables into your system than trying to make yourself eat what you do not enjoy!

Let me give you examples of each of the above statements. First, I will give you a recipe of one of our favorite juices - as follows -

   6 Carrots                                                                                                             2 Apples                                                                                                               1.5 cups Strawberries                                                                                         1 Orange                                                                                                             1 Beet Root                                                                                                         1/2 Cucumber                                                                                                     1/2 Lemon                                                                                                           1 stalk Celery 

This serves my wife and me and there is NO-WAY we could eat that many fruits and vegetables in one sitting.

Now - for an example of benefit #2 above. Please note this - I have hated carrots ever since I was a little boy. I even remember my mother telling me to eat them and remember the starving kids in Africa - and I used to say to her - "send the carrots to them and I will even work to pay the postage!"

Well, since we have been juicing, I have had more carrots than I ever had in my entire life up to that time - and, they taste good when I have them in the many recipes we juice!  So, think how this would effect Mom and Dad getting the kids to eat their vegetables! It could really help!
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                    (3) & (4) = Another article on www.healthline.com with the specific address of: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/juicing-good-or-bad#what-it-is


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