Triturating Juicers

The Triturating Juicer is also known as a 'twin gear' juicer. As you have guessed, it is because it has 2 gears that crush the produce as they rotate. They are capable of grinding the produce into very small particles as they extract the juice and separate it from the pulp. Triturating juicers are more expensive due to their very best manufacturing and highest quality materials used in construction, but you will find they are worth the bigger investment!

Twin gear juicers are effective with a broad range of produce. It grinds up hard roots, leafy greens and hard vegetables extremely well. But, it is not the best juicer for soft or watery fruits or vegetables.

Triturating juicers are considered a 'slow juicer' just like the Masticating juicers, but it is a bit faster than the one gear models. The juice they produce is very stable due to the low temperature they work at and the juice stays nutritious and fresh much longer than the fast or centrifugal juicers.

Many times they come with different parts for making noodles and grinding nuts and seeds. Just remember, Triturating Juicers are inclined to be heavy due to the superior construction and they are on the high side of the price ranges. The quality and excellent performance of triturating juicers are well worth the additional cost!