FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our website:

1. Do I need to provide the telephone number for the shipping address?

          (Answer) - It is not a requirement that you provide a telephone number for the shipping address, but it helps make certain your juicer arrives in a timely fashion. After all, the best place to ask about how to find your location is to ask those who live there.

2. If I go through PayPal, can I still use my credit card?

           (Answer) - PayPal will accept any major credit card you have and you can use it to deal through PayPal if you choose.

3. Can I pay direct to "Juicers For Your Home" with a credit card?

           (Answer) - Yes - We accept any major credit card directly and we indicate that on the checkout page of our website.

4. If I have questions about any juicer, how can I get my question answered?

          (Answer) - Just use our devoted email to ask your question and the answer will get to you as soon as possible - usually in a day or two.

5. Can I return my juicer to you? And, if so, what is the cost?

           (Answer) - We will always attempt to get the manufacturer to pay the return shipping charges for you, but usually, if there is nothing wrong with the juicer, you will probably have to pay the return shipping costs. However, if there is damage done to the juicer in shipment to you, you will be able to get a replacement at no cost most all of the time. Always check out your situation first and get a return number, etc. before you ship back.