Juicing Recipes

We are going to put different juicing recipes on this page from time to time. We have searched the internet and are continuing to do so - for really good, tasty, and nutritious juice recipes. We will show you the ones we have tried for ourselves and have found them to be tasty and nutricious. But right here - we are giving you a link to one of the best recipe pages we have found. Please take our recommendation and visit this website. It is: (https://juicerecipes.com/recipes/) And, although we want you to be able to get the best recipes you can find, we really want you to remember that this place - Juicers For Your Home @mlrsupply.com is where you can buy your juicer!

We will test these recipes out in own house in our own kitchen and if they are recommended here, you can know they have been tried and enjoyed!

So, check back here often to get more ideas for your own juicing. We want to make sure your juicing experience is enjoyable and something you want to continue as your body and skin will thank you and you might even enjoy getting on the scale more than you used to.

While these recipes can be done with centrifugal juicers, we will be testing them with our masticating juicer ('cause that's what we have).




Ingredients  -  yields 30 fl oz

Pears - 2 medium                                           Apples - 1 medium

Orange - 1 large                                              Spinach - 3 cups

Cucumber - 1 (8+1/4')                                      Lemon - 1/2 fruit

Celery - 2 stalks small (5" long)                     Cinnamon (Ground) - 1/2 tsp

Process all ingredients in juicer, shake or stir, serve